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With a proven secure cloud-based platform and a strong support staff, Assure Court Reporting simplifies the scheduling of deposition services for law firms by coordinating a network of independent court reporters, videographers, and translators.

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  • Deposition Scheduling
  • Readiness Tracking
  • Transcript & Video Production
  • Video Syncing
  • Secure Online Repository

For Firms

Easy & Efficient Scheduling

The Assure Court Reporting scheduling software utilizes the power and unrivaled experience of our existing platform which currently manages over 4,000 legal events per month. Ease of use and functionality are the hallmarks of the system that will allow anyone in your firm to quickly schedule and receive real-time status updates for your deposition request.

Bottom Line & Savings

Assure Court Reporting allows attorneys to focus on their case without worrying if they are being overcharged for services. Our nationwide network and innovative scheduling technology create operating efficiencies and cost-reduction opportunities for all firms within our network. We will work with the firm, attorney, and support staff to provide a competitive pricing structure aimed at lowering your clients' litigation costs. We're here and ready to help!

Quality Product

Court reporters associated with Assure are vetted to include only those who pride themselves on accurate and reliable work product. We guarantee quality transcripts and a single secure repository for your deposition-related files, accessible from wherever you may be.

For Court Reporters

Advanced Deposition Tools

Assure Court Reporting puts you in control. We have depositions in your coverage area. Our court reporting events calendar is regularly updated highlighting the depositions available to you. You select a deposition that might work for you and we send you more info.

Quick Payments

We recognize the importance of prompt payment for our court reporters. Upon completion of your work, our "Pay Now" feature initiates the payment process quickly and painlessly. Never wait on payment again!

Organized Scheduling

Assure Court Reporting has created a calendaring system which has made court reporting scheduling more collaborative and dynamic. It has revolutionized the scheduling process so you can now see what depositions are scheduled in your area and click on what you’d like to inquire about covering for us.

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